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Shaping Each WB Soul in Web3 Without Personal Data

WB Soul Features

WB Soul Ecosystem's Features characterize each Soul. And no, it's not about your zodiac sign. It's about your individuality, but within the WhiteBIT Ecosystem. The basic set of WB Soul characteristics consists of attributes from the user's WhiteBIT account. Consequently, by transferring abstract attributes from the WhiteBIT account to the Soul, we “synchronize” the state of the Soul with the state of the account without disclosing the user's data on the public blockchain.

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WB Soul’s Features

How to Make Your WB Soul Unique?

As we said, within the WB Soul Ecosystem are two types of Soul Features: Attributes and SoulBound Tokens (SBT). They characterize the Soul based on external factors. Still, the difference between Attributes and SBTs lies in the fact that the value of an Attribute can change over time, reflecting its current state, while SBTs are immutable and non-transferable. We have already introduced some of the foundational Features for Souls, including:

Sphere illustrationIsVerified Attribute

This Attribute indicates whether a Soul has undergone a verification process to establish its authenticity and credibility. It provides a trust signal to other users, demonstrating that the Soul has been verified and validated within the WhiteBIT.

Sphere illustrationHoldAmount Attribute

The HoldAmount Attribute reflects the amount of the user’s WBT in Holding associated with a Soul. It signifies the extent of WBT ownership and can indicate a user’s participation and commitment within the WB Network.

Sphere illustrationSBT EarlyBird

The EarlyBird SoulBound Token Collection recognizes users who were early adopters or contributors to the WB Network Ecosystem. It serves as a commemorative token, acknowledging their support and involvement during the early stages of the project.

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