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WB Soul Ecosystem

We're excited to introduce WB Soul Ecosystem. You can recreate your identity on the WB Network through WB Soul. It is a Web3 tool that allows users to represent their identity in an anonymous environment through blockchain without revealing their data.

Create My Soul
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WB Soul Purpose

Blockchain Becomes Human

WB Soul is a unique feature we created while working on the WB Network. It allows users to recreate their identity within the blockchain without revealing personal data. Additionally, WB Soul will enable users to interact with each other, setting a new level of trust and safety.

WB Soul Work Principle

The Heart of Your WB Soul

The WB Soul Ecosystem comprises two pivotal components: the Soul and Features Ecosystem. At the core of the Ecosystem are the governing smart contracts known as the Registry. They play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and integrity of the whole WB Soul Ecosystem: facilitate the creation of new Souls, manage user wallets' association with their Soul, and establish rules for creating new Features — Soul Attributes and SoulBound Tokens (SBT).



Creation and Control of Souls



Creation and Edition of Attributes



Creation and Control of new Soul Bound collections

More about WB Soul Ecosystem

How WB Soul Works

Benefits of Creating WB Soul

Is this just the beginning? Absolutely! We are just starting to lay the foundation for further developing this idea. Nevertheless, creating WB Soul in the WB Network already gives users numerous advantages. As use cases expand and evolve, these assets will also grow over time.

All in One Place

You can easily associate your wallets in blockchain by linking them to your Soul. In this way, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and centralized control, making navigating and managing your digital assets more accessible.

Trusting an Anonymous

With Soul Features, you can start to trust people you don't know much. WhiteBIT is responsible for issuing reliable Souls, acting as a trusted identity verifier. WhiteBIT issues each Soul after thoroughly verifying the individual's real identity.

Reward Distribution

Every Soul who holds WBT on WhiteBIT participates in regular reward distributions. We allocate all earned block-sealing fees back to the users and additional incentives from internal funds. This distribution mechanism rewards users for participating and contributing to the WB Network Ecosystem. By sharing the earnings and providing incentives, we aim to foster a thriving community and encourage active engagement within the network. Learn More about Reward Distributions

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Create Your Own WB Soul

At the heart of the WB Soul concept is the idea that a Soul belongs to and represents an Individual. Therefore, WhiteBIT is a guarantor to ensure accurate data by verifying that the person creating the Soul is genuine. While creating a Soul, WhiteBIT only provides a true or false response and does not transmit the individual's data to WB Network. Building your Soul involves several steps:


Create an Account on WhiteBIT and Verify Your Identity This ensures equal opportunities and guarantees for all users.


Link Your Wallet to WhiteBIT in Your Account Settings It allows us to verify that you are using your personal wallet.


Now you can create your WB Soul Your Soul will be associated with your previously specified wallet. Please read and accept the Terms of Use before creating your Soul.


Even the Sky Is Not the Limit After creating your WB Soul, you can link additional wallets to it.