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Rewards Distribution

The WhiteBIT Ecosystem strives to keep up with the ever-changing blockchain industry, constantly setting the new level and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. As the value of WBT, as a digital asset, we are proud to provide opportunities to participate in retrodrops allowing to multiply your WBT. With the launch of our mainnet, we present the SoulDrop – a unique marketing activity rewards distribution mechanism designed with cutting-edge innovation and user empowerment in mind. The SoulDrop Mechanism allows WBT owners to satisfy their desire to take part in growing of WB Network and receive additional substantial benefits for WBT Holding.

SoulDrop contract
block illustration
block illustration


Why Do We Distribute Rewards?

Firstly, by receiving rewards, users are motivated to participate in the network's activities actively. The rewards are distributed regularly and automatically based on the Holding Amount of each WB Soul. Secondly, reward distribution fosters a strong sense of community involvement. The SoulDrop for reward distribution is regularly replenished from the internal WBT funds. This approach enhances the potential rewards for users and reinforces our commitment to providing ongoing benefits to the WB Network Community.


SoulDrop collects fees from transactions in WB Network


WhiteBIT refuel SoulDrop with WBT from internal funds


SoulDrop works in the background and stores information about the accumulated rewards


A WB Souls can claim their rewards in the contract


The Principle of Rewards Distribution

Technically, the reward distribution is implemented through a smart contract, ensuring the security of the distribution process. SoulDrop contract operates on the principles of compounding. It means that the reward accumulated in the previous period becomes part of the WBT holding body for calculating the next reward. The rewards are calculated for each complete period of Holding, corresponding to 30 days. The calculation of rewards is performed only for the entire 30-day period. The rewards calculation will not include any remaining days in the incomplete period In addition, the SoulDrop Mechanism follows a user-focused approach, allowing every WB Soul to claim rewards from the SoulDrop Contract independently. To collect the rewards, the user with the WB Soul can initiate the process by calling up the Write function on the SoulDrop Contract. The contract has been designed to allow the collection of rewards from any address associated with the user's WB Soul, except for those that have been unbound.

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How to become participant?

Get Your Piece of Cake

Create your WB Soul Hold your WBT on WhiteBIT Please note: to receive rewards you should allow to show your HoldAmount in WB Network Done! Receive your rewards with up to a 22% annual reward!

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